The Services We Offer


This service is available to analyse through discussion, your specific needs and requirements, before any garden design is implemented. In short it is a ‘brain storm’ and advice is given if the ideas will be practical against cost and method of construction. This enables the client to be more confident about any future works which may be undertaken; to ultimately produce a tailor made design brief.


BNE offer a complete service when initially entering an environment, which can be unique with respect to the period the garden was originally constructed and the local natural materials used.

We pride ourselves on being able to tie in or reconstitute with existing styles, which involves a unique skill level as well as being conscientious with the materials involved and the experience to be able to replicate a reclaimed look.


A full garden design service is available, which can be provided in house or alternatively by a number of ‘garden designers’ we continually collaborate with.


We specialise in terracing (patios), dry-stone walling and other types of detailed natural stone work.


Often this provides the ultimate finish. From careful bed preparation to striking planting schemes, pristine new lawns to neatly planted hedges we strive to give your garden a new lease of life.


An aftercare service can be provided for all the gardens BNE have constructed.

This may involve a maintenance plan which can be drafted to your personal needs, or alternatively a period of garden maintenance to assist a full time gardener or clients when needed.